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New high-tech hunting gear available for the start of the hunting season

CREATED Nov 14, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 14, 2012

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RICHFIELD- There's new high-tech gear out for hunting season and it's guaranteed to make a difference in your hunt.  TODAY'S TMJ4 went to what hunters consider a mecca -- Cabela's in Richfield.  There we talked to hunters and were introduced to the latest gear.

"There's tons of new gear out there. It's crazy," says avid hunter, Kevin Maynard.

There's new Nikon scopes that take out a lot of the guess work and helps hunters better range an animal.

"Black Powder has become a big thing in our state. And now we can use what they call a scope that has magnification to it," says Lee Schmidt, a hunting expert at Cabela's.

And there's now gear that is the coolest of cool when it comes to heat.

"We have clothing that is batter operated and fully rechargeable," says Max Bradt with Cabela's.

It's fleece with heat. You charge it and then it keeps you warm.

"I've never heard of that to tell you the truth," says Wisconsinite, Denise Jacoby.

"It's going to keep most of your vitals warm. It's going to keep your back and kidneys warm. And it's going to have two chest warmers," explains Bradt.

There's extra battery packs, even car charges for the fleeces, there's also gloves.

"It's something that is on my wish list but I can't afford right now," says Maynard.

Plus there is gear to keep your toes toasty too. New this year, thermacell insoles that even have a remote control.

"There's high, which heats up to 110 degrees. Or there's medium that heats up to 100 degrees," says Justin Peters as he explains the settings.

The thermacell insoles also have a built in thermostat.

"It figures in your body temperature and the outside temperature so you are always at a comfortable temperature," explains Peters.

It's gift that won't melt their feet, but is sure to melt a hunter's heart and the hearts of true Wisconsinites.

"You could use these at a Packers' game," says Jacoby.

Also new this season, a hunting app that tells hunters when it is legal to shoot based on your location. It's called "Sunrise-Sunset."  The state Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Law Enforcement created the app. Right now it is only available for Android phones. It is not yet available for iPhones. The app costs 99 cents.