Partially vaccinated Glendale elementary student diagnosed with mumps

CREATED Nov 14, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 14, 2012

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GLENDALE- A health alert for parents as a rare case of the Mumps has been reported at a local school.  What makes this case rare -- the student had been partially vaccinated.

A K4 student at Parkway School in Glendale has the Mumps.  More than 80 kids share the morning and afternoon classrooms with the student.  Now the school is getting out the word to all parents.

"He's obviously has been exposed to it, is he going to get it? Is he going to have any of the symptoms," asked Tiffany Ott. 

Ott and her husband had a few questions after the school notified parents about the case on Wednesday. Their son Cael is in K4 and has been fully vaccinated.

The vaccine can prevent up to 95% of cases but not all cases.
Dr. Kristen Bencik at Bayshore Pediatrics has been getting calls from concerned parents.

"It is very contagious so if your child isn't fully vaccinated, I think the parents have a good reason to be very concerned," said Dr. Bencik

The school says the K4 student was vaccinated once for MMR but had yet to receive the second dose given to kids between the ages of four and six.

"If parents have not had their children receive their second vaccine, they should call their doctor immediately and come in a get their second MMR," said Bencik.

What are the symptoms? Low grade fever, headache, muscle pain, cheek or jaw swelling.

"For most kids it's bad viral illness. They get some cheek swelling, they look like a chipmunk and then it goes away," said Bencik.

There's no treatment for Mumps and cases can only be confirmed through a blood test.