Cardinal Dolan wants Catholics to give up meat on all Fridays

CREATED Nov 14, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Cardinal Timothy Dolan wants Catholics to make a big change.  But some think the former Milwaukee archbishop is asking too much.

Millions of Catholics give up meat for lent, but Cardinal Dolan is proposing they give up meat year round on Fridays.  He says it's a staple of the Catholic life that died in the 60s.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan wants Catholics to be even closer to God, so he told the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops he wants Catholics to give up meat every Friday all year long.

He spoke on the Catholic channel on Sirius XM Radio.

"You know our Jewish neighbors take fasting seriously.  Our Islamic neighbors take -- oh God -- do they ever take it seriously."

It's a practice that's been done for years, but changed in the 60s so people could eat meat outside of Lent.

"I think the fish fry places are going to love it, (Laughs)" says Fr. Luke Strand of the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

Fr. Strand says going back to tradition is about moving the religion forward.

"We're not perfect and we need God in our lives.  I think ultimately that's what the whole conversation is surrounding."

At the 50 and over club at Lady of Lourdes -- there is no meat or fish on Wednesday's menu.  But the people who eat there feel very strongly against the Cardinal's proposal.

"I think people should make their own choices and some of us don't eat meat everyday," says Marni Geissler.

Fr. Stand says this is just a discussion and that's there's no telling if and when this would pass.