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Cold begins to subside; near-record snowless streak continues

CREATED Nov 14, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - The blast of cold air that hit on Monday will moderate a little today as the winds turn back to southerly for the rest of the week.

We will see a few clouds at times today in Milwaukee but temperatures will rise into the middle forties.

Temperatures will continue to rise into the low-fifties for Saturday and Sunday.

There is no snow to be found around the state for tracking so deer hunters will have to use their skills this coming weekend, although you can find a little snow near Lake Superior east of Marquette in the Upper Peninsula.

Today marks the average date of the first measurable snowfall in Milwaukee, and currently we haven’t seen that event occur this autumn.

We have recorded the first trace of snow which occurred on Monday evening in Milwaukee.

The last time we saw measurable snowfall was March 4th when nine hundredths of an inch fell at the airport.

The National Weather Service reports that we are now at eighth place on the list of longest periods between measurable snowfalls with 253 days since that March snowfall.

Since it looks like no snow through Monday of next week, the consecutive day period would jump to 260 days and the streak would rise to fifth place!

The record is 279 days set back in 1999.