Kenosha alderman believes fellow alderman super glued door on minivan

CREATED Nov 13, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 13, 2012

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KENOSHA- A spat between two aldermen turned into outrage.

An alderman from Kenosha says he came out of a meeting to find super glue in his van door lock.  Now, police are investigating leads that another alderman is responsible for this vandalism.

Alderman Patrick Juliana has used a minivan as a work vehicle for his Kenosha auto shop for two decades.  He showed TODAY'S TMJ4 what he found on the driver's side door after a common council meeting.

"I walked up to the vehicle and it wouldn't go into the lock, so I had to go around the vehicle, get in the other door and I drove over here to my shop.  I came over here with a light and looked and it was full of sticky substance," describes Alderman Juliana.

Juliana will not name who he thinks is responsible for this vandalism, but a police investigation is focused on another alderman who serves on the same common council.

"Politicians have to worry now if they bring an issue to the floor and it goes against somebody's grain, they're going to take vindictive action against them."
The alderman says he found that glue on his door lock in the parking lot outside city hall.  There is surveillance video.  Authorities don't want you to see that video because there is an ongoing investigation.
We are not naming the suspected alderman because he has not been charged.  We did reach him on by phone.  The politician would not let us record his voice, but he insists emphatically that he's not to blame.  As for Alderman Juliana, he is most worried about the message a childish prank like this sends to the people of Kenosha.
"It's intimidation, coercion, vindictiveness, all of the above," says Alderman Juliana.

Some leaders in Kenosha say the common council is dysfunctional, but Alderman Juliana contends there was no specific, recent argument or political fight that could have brought on this vandalism.