More families coming forward in case against Racine babysitter accused of rape

CREATED Nov 13, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 13, 2012

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RACINE- It's a disturbing case involving the rape of young children.  Police are pleading for information from you, after they arrested a man for filming and abusing young boys and girls. 

The information police are receiving is helping the investigation, but it is by no means good news.

Authorities say more families are coming forward, claiming some connection to Alex Richter, a man from Racine with more than two dozen disturbing charges stacked against him.

Police know Richter had access to a handful of children, but only two kids spoke up until now.

"We've had several people come forward and report that Alexander Richter did in fact watch their children," says Racine Police Sgt. Martin Pavilonis.

After a public plea for details, authorities are fielding a number of phone calls surrounding the man.  Richter's accused of filming and sexual abusing young kids in his apartment.  In some instances, the victims were children of fellow students at Gateway Technical College.

The word on campus is non-existent.  Students say rumors are spreading and the school has made no mention of what happened.

"I think it's disgusting that somebody, anybody could do something like that to kids," says Gateway student Latrisha Bell.  "You put your trust in him, and to know that they are harming your kids, it's just horrible. I couldn't even imagine."

At this point, police don't know whether or not that Gateway connection is the only link Richter had to his victims.  Which is why they say it's imperative anyone with information come forward.

"If you do have that information about him, that he watched your kids, call us so we can find out about it and offer some assistance," says Pavilonis.

Police say the latest victims had contact with Richter over the past two years, but they're not really putting a time frame on their request to make sure everyone comes forward.

If he had any access to your children, Racine police want to hear from you.  The number is 262-886-2300.