Woman traumatized after four teens robbed, ransacked her home in Lake Geneva

CREATED Nov 9, 2012

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LAKE GENEVA- She got away from four masked teens as they ransacked her home, and now she is sharing her story.

She's doing the best she can, comforted by the fact four teenagers are in custody for busting into her apartment.

21-year-old Sonja Acevedo is the victim of a brazen home invasion.  At home with a friend and her kids last week, Sonja says her neighbor showed up, followed by a group of masked teenagers.  The boys, ages 13 to 16, were armed with a knife and metal pipes.

"Anything that was valuable, they just wanted it. So I just gave them anything I could find," says Acevedo.  "They just barged in, grabbed us all, and put us on the floor and tried tying us up."

The robbers used duct tape. 

"They tried to put it over my eyes or my mouth."

Sonja fought back, struggling while the teens tried to subdue her.

"They brought me into the hallway, and they shoved me in the bathroom, and closed the door and held it shut."

A room away, the teens cornered the woman's children.  When they moved to another room, Sonja grabbed the kids and escaped.

"I'm just glad I had them."

Surveillance video shows the woman running to a nearby gas station.  With duct tape strung through her hair, she asks the clerk for the phone, so she could signal police.

"She said, 'What happened?' and I said, people just came into my house and tried to tie us up," says Sonja.

Police were surprised by the ages of the suspects.  They face charges of burglary, false imprisonment and armed robbery.

"These are serious charges.  They don't get more serious than this, unless it's a homicide," says Detective Ed Gritzner of the Lake Geneva Police Department.

Sonja is recovering at home and is still shaken by the crime.

"I haven't been able to eat. I haven't been able to sleep. It's been hard."

Sonja says she does know the four people involved, but only recognized one of them at the time.

The district attorney's office is reviewing the charges against the teens.