Four things to remember with re-opening of Mitchell Interchange

CREATED Nov 8, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- After years of orange cones and detours, the Mitchell Interchange is back open for business.

Taxpayers spent $300 million for a new and improved interchange -- which will be a learning curve.

First heads up: Southbound drivers wanting to exit Layton, College or the Airport spur need to commit before entering the Mitchell Interchange.

Sheryl Dean is still learning.

"Only when going to the airport have I ever gotten confused," says Dean.

Number two: Think right.  For example, I-894 eastbound drivers going to Milwaukee stay to the right. The off-ramp used to be on the left.

"The lanes to the right will collect you, take you through the tunnel and reconnect you as you go through downtown Milwaukee," says Mike Pyritz of the Department of Transportation.

Number Three: Legal U-turns.  27th Street drivers enjoy Texas-sized U-turns to get on I-894.  They actually take up less space.

"It will take some time getting used to," says Pyritz.

Number Four: Lot of options.  Northbound drivers approaching Milwaukee will stay to the left, the ramp to I-894 west will again be on your right

For Janellie Ortiz, it's all about practice, practice, practice

"The more you drive through it, the more you'll get used to it."