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Waukesha police asking for public's help in finding armed robber

CREATED Nov 7, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 7, 2012

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WAUKESHA- Waukesha police want to Crack The Case of brazen and bold armed robber.  The robber walked into a gas station with a gun and even brushed shoulders with a customer on his way.

Detectives want to catch the guy before he strikes again.  Investigators shared the exclusive video which is key evidence in the July 2010 robbery.

"This is an armed robbery, it's a very serious crime," said Detective Ed Bergin with Waukesha Police.

The video shows a man who walked into the Kwik Trip Gas Station at 924 Fleetfoot Drive. It was around 3:30 a.m.  "He produced a handgun which was concealed," explained Bergin.  The gunman then demanded the clerk to empty every register.  He concealed his face with only a baseball cap but he did cover his hands with latex gloves.

"Those are indications he knows what he's doing. He may have done something like this before," said Bergin.

This robbery happened two years ago but police are still investigating because they fear this robber may strike again.

"If this individual has done this is the past and got away with it he may continue to do so in the future and sadly earlier this year in Waukesha we did have another gas station robbery," said Bergin.

That robbery was deadly.  Back in May, police say Billy Ingram shot and killed Petro Mart clerk, Nayyer Rana during a robbery.

"We don't want to see that happen again," said Bergin.

So police finally want to see this armed robber behind bars.  "Hopefully with the help of TMJ4 airing this footage the public can help us crack this case," explained Bergin.

Waukesha police believe the robber is not from Waukesha but possibly lives in southeast Wisconsin.  If you recognize the man and can help detectives crack that case, call them at 262-524-3816.