3 teenagers arrested for home invasion in Lake Geneva

CREATED Nov 7, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 7, 2012

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LAKE GENEVA- A Lake Geneva woman ran into a gas station telling the clerk she's the victim of a brazen robbery.

Now police launched a full-scale investigation.

Police say a group of teens bound three people inside a Lake Geneva home.  One woman was able to escape with her children and signal for help.

"It was really dramatic. They had rifles out, there were like 15 squad cars," explains gas station clerk, Shannon Zabroski.

This was no regular day on the job for Shannon Zabroski.  Tuesday night, while she worked the counter at the local Clark station, a woman and her two young kids burst through the door.

"...Totally disheveled; screaming.  She had duct tape all over her, with two little kids, saying she needed to call 9-1-1," explains Zabroski.

When police arrived, the woman was panicked.  She told officers her friends were still trapped inside her apartment.

Police rushed to the house, kicking the door in an attempt to help the people inside.

"They were afraid to answer the door because later we had learned they were afraid. They believed the suspects still might be outside," says Lake Geneva Police Detective Ed Gritzner.

Authorities say four boys, younger than age 17, were behind the home invasion.  They've arrested three of them.

The woman's boyfriend says the teens stole cash, some electronics, and their sense of safety.

"Right now, she's still shaken up.  She's still crying upstairs.  She was hardly able to sleep last night," explains the victim's boyfriend, Raul Valadez.

Police are in the process of arresting that fourth teenage suspect.  They believe this was an isolated crime and stress the public is not in any danger.  The teen suspects do not have any prior convictions and police have yet to nail down a motive.