Wisconsin businesses saw Tuesday's election results as a mixed bag

CREATED Nov 7, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Wisconsin businesses were happy about Republicans taking control of the state government, but weren't too happy about President Obama being re-elected, says Rich Kirchen, senior reporter for The Business Journal.

"For Wisconsin business it was a split decision," says Kirchen to Newsradio 620 WTMJ.  "It's a mixed result for business."

Kirchen says business leaders aren't in any hurry to hire more workers or invest their profits following Tuesday's election results.  In fact, the morning after President Obama was re-elected, Wall Street took a big hit.

"Initial reaction we are getting is people are uncertain," explains Kirchen.

He says businesses are preparing for the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, to go into effect as well as the President Bush tax cuts to expire. 

While the election of President Obama and Tammy Baldwin to U.S. Senate will have an impact on a national level, Kirchen believes Wisconsin businesses feel confident with Governor Walker and a Republican Legislature.

"Scott Walker will be able to proceed with what most business people see as a 'pro-business agenda.'"