Police investigating deadly attack outside south side nightclub

CREATED Nov 5, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 5, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- One man is dead and another was badly hurt after an attack outside a nightclub.

Police say the the two men were leaving a birthday party at Tropical Latino near 5th and National and as they walked to their car they were jumped from behind and severely beaten by a group of men.

It was first reported the men were attacked after leaving Club Envy but they entered that business much earlier that night."

45-year-old Mariano Lopez later died from his injuries and 37-year-old Toby Villarreal is recovering from the attack.

Jodi Villarreal's husband remains in the intensive care unit.

"He has lacerations to his spleen, kidney, liver, three broken ribs a collapsed lung and a fractured vertebra," describes Jodi.

Jodi says Toby doesn't remember much from that night, but she believes the attack centers around a disagreement inside the club.

"Because my husband got in between his female cousin and an out of control male, he almost died and Mariano did," explains Jodi.

Police don't have suspects or any idea how many people they're looking for.

Police were back in the neighborhood looking for clues on Monday.  Jodi Villarreal says one detective told her that police are working hard to find any and everyone involved in this attack.