Honor Flight

Vietnam soldiers bond with WWII vets while volunteering

CREATED Nov 5, 2012

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  • John Piontkowski, Bob Pfeifer. | Photo: Jodi Becker

MILWAUKEE - The local chapter of Honor Flight volunteers spend countless hours making sure each flight is perfect for our local heroes. 

"We're all in this same brotherhood.  We fought under the same flag," said Bob Pfeifer.

He and John Piontkowski are Marine veterans who served in Vietnam. 

The men say the bonds of brotherhood that are created when you serve have fused a generational bond each time they talk to vets on Honor Flights.

"I spent about 40 minutes on the last fly that served in Iwo Jima.  It was one of the deepest 40 minutes I think I ever spent in my life," said Pfeifer.

"All you have to do is look at some of the guys, in their eyes," explained Piontkowski.  "It's like I knew them all my life."

There are 600 volunteers serving the local Chapter of Honor Flight and a waiting list of more people wanting to help. 

Bob says it's easy to understand why.

"These guys, literally, changed the course of the world."