Red, White and Blue

Gibbs breaks down the Wisconsin race

CREATED Nov 4, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - President Obama rallied supporters in Green Bay this past week.

Saturday, he brought pop star Katy Perry to Milwaukee.

Now, the President and Bruce Springsteen have Madison in their sights.

It's his third stop in Wisconsin in five days.

"The President just wants to put a closing argument, a final case in front of the people of wisconsin one more time," President Obama's long-time advisor and former Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, says.

Gibbs sat down to talk with TODAY'S TMJ4 about the significane of winning Wisconsin in the final hours before Tuesday's election.

"I think the winner of Wisconsin will take a big step Tuesday night toward the next four years in the White House," Gibbs says.

Gibbs says they're in good shape here, despite a big shock Sunday when the Wisconsin State Journal endorsed Mitt Romney.

That same paper endorsed President Obama back in 2008.

"I think at this point in the race, most people's minds are made up one way or the other," Gibbs says.

Gibbs had thoughts about Romney's VP choice and Janesville Congressman Paul Ryan's influence on the race here in Wisconsin.

"I think people will be thankful to see the hometown boy on the ticket, but what matters most what are the policies behind those names, not just what the name is."

President Obama is planning to spend Election Day alongside his family in Chicago.