No smoke detectors in deadly Milwaukee fire

CREATED Nov 4, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - A deadly fire investigation is underway just south of Bay View.

The 66-year-old victim was found inside his first-floor bedroom. That's where the fire started.

"Last night was a nightmare," neighbor Ethylyn Roepke says.

She lives across the street.

"To think of this poor man dying alone on a bedroom floor in a smoke filled house," Roepke says.

Firefighters found Donald Webber inside his room Saturday night. They think the fire started before 11 p.m.

It could've been started by smoking materials.

While there is little damage to the front of the home, the back and sides tell another story. Shattered windows and smoke damage clues just how intense this fire was.

"You could just see the smoke billowing from the door and the back of the house," Milwaukee Fire Department Acting Deputy Spencer Vassel says.

Firefighters say the house on East Hillcrest didn't have smoke detectors.

"It's a sad, sad way to die," Roepke says.

Smoke detectors are free to anyone living in the city of Milwaukee.