Teen charged with driving drunk, slamming into parked squad car on I-94

CREATED Nov 2, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 2, 2012

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WAUKESHA- An 18-year old is accused of driving drunk and crashing into two Waukesha County sheriff's deputies along I-94 earlier this week.

The teenage driver remains in jail Friday night charged with driving drunk and two counts of causing injury while drunk.

The teen's father is clearly anguished his son decided to get behind the wheel.

"I think maybe my son needs help..." says Mykola Sahan, the father of the teen.

His English may be rusty -- but there is no mistaking the heartbreak he is feeling.  His 18-year-old son Ihor Sahan is accused of causing the horrific crash on I-94.

Authorities say it was early Thursday morning when Sahan and a friend were driving back from a concert in Madison.  Sahan was arrested for an OWI after slamming full-speed into the back of a parked Waukesha County sheriff deputies' squad.

"My son no drink, maybe, I don't know.  He no drink in the home," says Mykola Sahan.

Two deputies scrambled out of the burning squad and quickly pulled Sahan and his friend from their own wrecked car.

Ihor Sahan's 17-year old passenger is still in critical condition.

Mykola Sahan has no idea what happened -- and has said nothing to his son since the crash.  Their only contact is a glance across a courtroom.

The two deputies are doing remarkably well.  Their injuries described as back pain and some cuts to the face.