Milwaukee marine helps first responders during Superstorm Sandy

CREATED Nov 1, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 1, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- They are some of the most memorable images from Superstorm Sandy: 110 homes in a New York City neighborhood destroyed by a massive fire.

The images from Queens were terrifying: A burning neighborhood -- surrounded by rushing water.

In the middle of all of this was Milwaukee native and U.S. Marine Sgt. Jorge Negron.

"It was very disturbing," says Sgt. Negron.  "The whole entire block, all the houses on the sides were on fire, the trees were on fire. It was very bad."

Sgt. Negron was one of three marines thrown into the thick of Superstorm Sandy.

The water was so high rescue crews had nothing that could get to those trapped.  Enter the marines and a couple of giant seven-ton trucks.  Police and firefighters piled in the back.

"The water level was actually up to the hood, about six, seven feet," describes Sgt. Nelson.  "It was above my head, if I had stood on the ground."

Not much frightens a marine -- but Sgt. Negron saw plenty of the things on that list Monday night.  It was all worth it as the first responders he carried to the scene saved more than a dozen lives.

"It was very scary.  We don't scare very easily, but we were more afraid we were gonna get trapped, especially seeing the vehicles washing away."

The marines' training center in Brooklyn took on some damage, too.  Especially to a warehouse used to store Toys for Tots donations.