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Lawmakers questioning Brown Deer police over Brookfield spa shooter

CREATED Nov 1, 2012

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BROOKFIELD- Domestic abuse turned deadly with the killing spree at the spa in Brookfield.  A man from Brown Deer who killed his wife and two others before killing himself had several run-ins with Brown Deer police.

Now, lawmakers want to know why Radcliffe Haughton wasn't dealt with sooner.

Brown Deer police are under the microscope these days as some lawmakers demand the department answers tough questions and agree to an independent investigation into the many interactions with the spa shooter, Radcliffe Haughton.
State Senator Spencer Coggs signed a letter demanding an independent investigation into Brown Deer's domestic violence training after officers had a 90-minute standoff with Haughton and never arrested him in 2011.
"Officers probably should have taken him into custody just to see what happened. In Milwaukee it's usually par for the course," says state Sen. Coggs.       

In a 10-year period, officers responded to the Haughton house close to dozen times.
"In all of those cases she (Zina Haughton) did not want charges filed against her husband," says Brown Deer Police Chief Steven Rinzell.
But those calling for an investigation say the law is clear, Haughton should have been arrested on scene.

"The police chief is responsible for what his department does," says state Rep. Christine Sinicki.  "If they had followed proper procedure perhaps these three woman would still be alive."

"We can't just jump to conclusions we have to know the facts," says state Sen. Alberta Darling.

By phone, state Senator Alberta Darling says Brown Deer police worked hard and should not be the only agency getting blamed.
"The district attorney had something to do with them as well we have to look at all the facts to figure out how to prevent such a tragedy," argues Darling.