Huge waves along Lake Michigan due to Superstorm Sandy

CREATED Oct 30, 2012

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PLEASANT PRAIRIE- People up and down the Lake Michigan shoreline are feeling Superstorm Sandy's effects.

The storm turned into a real spectator sport for a lot of people.  As the waves crashed ashore from Kenosha to Milwaukee County, a lot of people are just glad it wasn't worse.

Jim Post's Pleasant Prairie home is surrounded by reminders of the storm.

"It's been a little nerve-wracking," says Post.  "At first, I was worried the waves would come up over and hit the house, we have had waves crash on the rock and hit the house."

Those waves weren't enough to make him want to evacuate when the warning came down.

"The house has been here since 1928 and it's weathered bigger storms than this."

All along the coast, the weather had people wanting to catch a glimpse.  Eric Treece is a storm chaser and freighter captain who captured the conditions on the water.

"We've been having wind gusts well into the 50s today.  The worst that we saw was last night about 2 a.m.," explains Treece.

Even under the cover of darkness, the crowds couldn't stay away as they were in awe of what Mother Nature can do.

"I think it's pretty cool, I want to stay out here forever," says onlooker Josie Gagliano.