Superstorm Sandy bad for business in SE Wisconsin

CREATED Oct 30, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 30, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- We weren't hit by the storm, but some people here are having big problems because of what's happening out east.

Many people rely places like UPS to do business.  So, when hubs out east shut down because of the Superstorm Sandy -- it left folks here in Wisconsin hanging.

Julie Woodall got the bad news Monday.  As Superstorm Sandy bore down on the East Coast, the marketing company she works for here in Wisconsin would take a hit too.

"Everything is stuck in transit," says Woodall.  "Nothing is moving anywhere."

UPS hubs there grinded to a halt and so did her clients' important, time-sensitive shipments.

"Any event-related merchandise is not getting to its event," explains Woodall.

And there's no telling when business will be back on track, or if her clients orders are in tact.

For Eric Knight, Superstorm Sandy delayed the sale of his Florida home -- twice.

The buyer is stuck in New York, unable to fly or ship signed contracts.  And in this case, time is money.  Knight needed to close on the home by Wednesday.

"We live in a gated community that has a yearly fee and the yearly fee is due on November 1 so we had to sell it before, if not, we get assessed that fee," explains Knight.

Local UPS store managers say they'll hold customers' shipments headed east until the hubs reopen so the package doesn't get stuck along the way.