Marquette student worried about family, friends in NYC

CREATED Oct 29, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- People living in Milwaukee with family and friends living on the East Coast are worried about family back home.

"I live right near Huntington," said Marquette University Junior Elise Angelopulos.  As she watches the news, the journalism major worries about her mom and friends back home in Long Island, N.Y.

"It's weird because all day I haven't really thought about it much but now as the storm is really hitting, it's hitting home. I'm scared."

Scared because cell phone conversations are hit or miss.

"My mom and I got cut off five times today on the phone.  She's not getting good cell service," said Angelopulos.

And when they are talking to each other, Superstorm Sandy won't shut up

"When I was talking to her she sounded like she was in a wind tunnel and she was inside a house."

Then there are the occasional text messages from mom about trees crashing into homes.

"Let's hope our house doesn't split in half," reads one text message from her mom.

For now, Angelopulos tries to focus on a big exam on Tuesday, hoping all along Sandy will fail to live up to everyone's worse fears.

"It's just weird to see a place you know and love, it's just hard to see it like that."