No flooding yet, thousands of sandbags set up in Kenosha County

CREATED Oct 29, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 30, 2012

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VILLAGE OF PLEASANT PRAIRIE - Authorities say there has been no flooding yet in Pleasant Prairie caused by the effects of Superstorm Sandy.

With waves forecasted to possibly be as high as 35 feet along Lake Michigan on Tuesday, officials in Kenosha County initially urged some to leave their homes due to possible flooding.

They since changed the evacuation advisory to a flood advisory.

Police in Pleasant Prairie told TODAY'S TMJ4's Nick Montes that no flooding has occurred there.

Even though Jay Robinson lives hundreds of miles away from the fury of Sandy, he was up early on Tuesday to prepare.

"My house is not that high," said Robinson to Montes on Tuesday.  "Just trying to make sure I'm safe...better to be safe than sorry."

People like Jay have been using sandbags to protect their property from flooding. 

"Maybe 22 (sandbags) or something like that, just enough to do the main entrances to the house."

Crews were remodeling another home when the flooding worries began.

"We heard about the tall waves and we tried to prepare a little bit last night, and the builder's out, and he'll shore up things today if we need to."

Since 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, Pleasant Prairie public works crews have delivered 2,000 sandbags, which they have brought to 5th Avenue and 90th Street in Pleasant Prairie.

The winds have been blowing nonstop as far away as Lake Michigan since Sandy made landfall on the East Coast.

Some waves have reached anywhere from 14 to 18 feet.

Kenosha County says it used a reverse 9-1-1 call to tell more than 1,000 people about the voluntary evacuation area.

One man had a truck full of sand bags which he hoped would do the trick.

"Not really sure what to expect, so just trying to do whatever you can to make the best of a bad situation," said homeowner Paul Pachniak.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told TODAY'S TMJ4 that "waves that could wash up with erosion...and could possibly wash up to houses."

Sheriff Beth says they are doing their best to inform people of the voluntary evacuation.  The Village of Pleasant Prairie has the evacuation in effect for people living along the lakeshore.

"This is kind of unusual for us to have the lake itself to be the major concern," says Sheriff Beth.