Hurricane Sandy

Storm could deliver huge Lake Michigan waves to Milwaukee

CREATED Oct 29, 2012

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  • Lake Michigan. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MILWAUKEE - Though the most dangerous parts of Hurricane Sandy will probably cause the most damage on the East Coast, people in Southeastern Wisconsin can expect waves higher than a dozen feet on the Lake Michigan Coast.

"We'll feel the effects of Sandy in waves in excess of 14 to 17 feet on the lakeshore," said Storm Team 4Caster Scott Steele.

"We could be seeing (those) waves for a brief time.  What's going to be happening: Sandy kind of retrogrades, moves westward.  We'll see a very strong northerly wind.  That wind will go all along the length of Lake MIchigan.  Those winds will build the waves.  Those waves will get stronger or higher and will affect those of us on the (southern) part of the lake."

He says that people who do activities along the lake should make alternate plans.

"If I was someone who typically jogged, rode a bike or took a dog along the lake, I'd rethink it tomorrow and through Wednesday morning.  We could see some substantial waves and some of that water coming onto the lakefront."

Milwaukee won't get the biggest waves on Lake Michigan from the aftereffects of Sandy.

"The worst of the waves will be on the southern end of Lake Michigan towards the south side of Chicago and Northwest Indiana."

The National Weather Service says the worst Sandy-related waves on Lake Michigan could top 33 feet.