Salon shooting

Hundreds remember mother killed in Brookfield salon shooting

CREATED Oct 26, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 26, 2012

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KENOSHA- One shooting victim was released from the hospital Friday, but another was laid to rest.

Cary Robuck was an innocent victim and a loving mother.

Her favorite colors were purple and blue.  They've become the theme for a community's remembrance of her.

Even Cary's mother wore purple strands in her hair as people said their final goodbyes inside Racine's Grace Church.

Hundreds of family and friends gathered to remember a joyful mother and friend in Cary Robuck.

"I've had numerous phone calls, and texts and it's much more than I ever could imagine," says Cary Robuck's mother, Deb.

It's in that support that Cary's mother Deb has found the strength to carry on in her weakest moment.

"I can't put it into words. It'…difficult to wrap my arms around it but the support of the community and friends and family it's just what's held me up this week and gotten me through this part."

Her 35-year-old daughter is one of three hair stylists gunned down inside Brookfield's Azana Salon and Spa by a co-worker's estranged husband.  As those who knew Cary attended her funeral, others gravitated to Racine Horlick High School buying shirts and hair extensions in Cary's honor.

Many were complete strangers.

"I was just crushed by what happened.  It's devastating and I just wanted to come out and give my support," says Peggy Douglas.

It's an outpouring of love Cary's mother wants you to know is noticed and forever appreciated.

"I just want to thank everyone for their support, their thoughts and their prayers," says Deb Robuck.  "It's just hard to believe there's so much evil but good in the world.  The evil got us here.  The good got me through it."