Packers' Hayward stepping up with injuries

CREATED Oct 26, 2012

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GREEN BAY - He may only be seven games into his professional career, but Casey Hayward has been an impact player for the Green and Gold.

"I'm glad he's a Green Bay Packer," said Head Coach Mike McCarthy. "You can see the poise, the game [isn't] too big for him just from the first time we lined up."
Hayward is tied for the NFL lead with 4 interceptions. He has taken advantage of Quarterbacks who are looking to take advantage of the his inexperience as a rookie.
"The more opportunities to get the ball, that's what I like," said Hayward. "So they can keep throwing the ball at me all they want. They're gonna catch a few balls here and there but I feel I'm going to make plays as well."
"If they do [throw at him], he makes the best of it and finds a way to make a play for our defense," added Safety Morgan Burnett.
McCarthy agrees.
"Just from the first day you can see his ball skills. I mean, he's a football player. He's a play-maker."
15 interceptions in his final three seasons at Vanderbilt help to put Hayward on the map. Now, he anticipates being tested even further with injuries in the Packers secondary expanding his role.
"I think my change of play isn't going to change at all. I'm going to do the same things, I'm gonna study the same way and play the same way just like I've done the last couple of weeks," he said.
"Anytime you take a rookie and play him in a couple different positions in a multi-schemed defense it says a little bit about the young man," said McCarthy.
He's really stepped up like a professional," said Burnett. "Stepped in and didn't miss a beat."
Hayward says he is comfortable covering in the slot and outside, so expect him to be all over the field Sunday.