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Brown Deer Police release statement from Haughton attorney

CREATED Oct 26, 2012

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BROWN DEER - Brown Deer Police say an attorney who represented Zina Haughton wants to clear up the record.  But rather than tell her story publicly, or to the media, attorney Lisa Martin gave a statement in an interview with a Brown Deer Police Captain.  Police then released audio and video of the interview to the media.

Martin represented Haughton during divorce proceedings against her husband.  She also represented her at a hearing in an effort to get a restraining order against her husband.  That hearing happened just days before Haughton's husband, Radcliffe, opened fire in the Azana Salon and Spa in Brookfield killing three people and leaving four others hurt.

In the interview with police, Martin speaks highly of the department.  She also said she wanted to clear up information about a controversial night in which police got into a standoff with Radcliffe Haughton, but left without making an arrest or even making contact with him.  Police experts have called police action that night unacceptable.

According to a police report, several officers saw Haughton point an object that looked like a gun at his wife, who was standing near the officers.  That led to the standoff.

Brown Deer's Police Chief has questioned calling the incident a standoff.  Although Chief Steven Rinzel admits even his officers probably thought it was a standoff at one point.  He says only one officer thought the object was a gun and others, including Zina, thought it was something else.

The incident in question happened in January of 2011, long before Martin represented Zina in divorce proceedings.  But, in the statement released by police, Martin says Zina told her she was happy police didn't arrest her husband the night in question.  She also says Zina told her that the object her husband pointed out the window was the vacuum cleaner tube.

"She said to him after wards, 'are you crazy Rad, they could have shot and killed you for that,'" Attorney Martin told police.

Martin also points out that Radcliffe was arrested for the incident in question.  He was arrested in court more than a month later when he showed up for court in the case, but not on the night when at least one officer thought he'd pointed a gun out the window.

At one point the Brown Deer Police Captain who was conducting the interview asked Martin if she had anything else to add.  Martin responded that she did not.  The Captain then goes on to say, "Would you like to clarify your expectations of the media regarding this statement?"

At that point, Martin says she does not want the media to contact her and wishes that members of the media honor her desire not to comment to the media about the case.

We have contacted Attorney Martin to ask directly whether she wishes not to comment about the case.  We have not heard back.

Brown Deer Police tell Newsradio 620 WTMJ that Martin approached them.  However, they admit they asked her if they could release the audio and video of her statement to the media.

When asked whether it matters that the object that officers thought was a gun was actually a vacuum cleaner tube, Lt  Lisa Kumbier said, "Hindsight is 20/20.  We do the best that we can, we always do the best that we can.  We just want to make sure that the full picture is portrayed to the community."