Salon shooting

One victim in critical condition, three in satisfactory condition

CREATED Oct 21, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 22, 2012

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WAUWATOSA - Officials at Froedtert Hospital say that four victims of the Brookfield salon shooting were recovering there Monday morning.

One was listed in critical condition, while three were said to be in satisfactory condition.

All four surviving victims suffered gunshot wounds to varying degrees, but thankfully they're expected to be okay.

But, just to make sure everyone stayed safe, Froedtert Hospital in wauwatosa shut its doors.

"A lockdown is quite unusual for us," Froedtert VP Kathy Bagemihl says.

For safety's sake, the hospital shut down traffic in and out for hours Sunday afternoon.

"Because there was a threat that the suspect had actually entered our hospital, we instituted a complex lockdown and an extensive search of the building this afternoon," Surgical Services Director Dr. Gary Seabrook says.

Officials lifted the order after they learned the suspect, Radcliffe Haughton, killed himself.

"We drill for lockdowns, but it is a rare situation where we actually have a dangerous situation to that magnitude on our campus," Bagemihl says.

Three victims died and were not taken to Froedtert. All of them were women, including the suspect's estranged wife, Zine Haughton.

The four other female victims range in age from 22 to 40. They were all shot multiple times.

Administrators say while the hospital trains for situations like this, they never expect it and it can take a toll on staff.

"A swat team in our building is not routine, and they responded heroically actually," Dr. Seabrook says.

Part of the hospital's response includes chaplains and grief counselors for employees and patients.

The families of the patients involved in this case have asked for their privacy during this very difficult time.