Newsweek played major role in growth of Quad/Graphics

CREATED Oct 18, 2012

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SUSSEX - Newsweek isn't just another piece of Quad/Graphics business.  It's one of the major turning points in the company's history. 

That is why there could be a potential effect to the Sussex-based company when Newsweek announced it would stop production of the paper magazine at the end of 2012.

When the company's late founder, Harry Quadracci unexpectedly passed away in 2002, Newsweek dedicated a column in the magazine to talk about its relationship with Quad.

It began in 1977 when there was a strike at Newsweek's midwest printing plant and it couldn't handle a late breaking cover. 

The director of printing called on Quadracci.  A blizzard forced the plane carrying the magazine layouts to land in Chicago.

Panicked Newsweek executives frantically called Quadracci, only to hear a calm report that he'd already sent a car through the blizzard to pick up the layouts.

Newsweek was so impressed that a year later, it gave Quad all its midwest business. 

The business was a turning point in the company's growth.

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