UWM students respond to Chief Flynn calling them 'guests,' not residents

CREATED Oct 16, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has caught more fire for yet another issue.  This one involves students and staff at UWM.

It comes after the chief referred to students as "guests, not residents."

Flynn held roll call in the street near UWM last month, promising to crack down on loud, drunken, unruly behavior.

MPD arrested more than 100 people for such crimes, after that roll call, most of them students.

"I understand some students can get out of hand with their drinking, and parties can get out of hand, but the way they're handling it, I think, is a little too strict," said UWM senior Mitch McCardle.

Flynn, however, defends the arrests in a letter to a UWM administrator.

"I view your students as guests, since most do not own property in Milwaukee," said Flynn in the letter.

On Tuesday, the UWM Student Association fired back, arguing, "Renters in Milwaukee, including you, are residents of Milwaukee, but unlike you, Chief Flynn, when our four years are up, many of us will stay here."

"I think politics get in the way sometimes," said Susan Wrigley, who lives near campus.

She hasn't had many problems, but some people say the issues around campus are the worst they have been in years.

Still, Wrigley likes the larger police presence.

"I think it cuts down on things like vandalism, and probably does deter the more enthusiastic partiers," explained Wrigley.

"I understand they have been living here for so long, but I feel like we have to have a happy medium where we can get along with them and they need to be able to get along with us, but I don't think the answer is the force that's been coming from the police," retorted McCardle.

The Milwaukee Police Department did not initially return TODAY'S TMJ4's request for comment.