Waukesha School District considers cracking down on 'dirty dancing'

CREATED Oct 12, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 12, 2012

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WAUKESHA- Is it part of the culture or is it obscene?

One school district is cracking down on what some call "dirty dancing."

The conversation is one that's been brewing in schools across the state.  School leaders in Waukesha are considering what's acceptable when teens take to the dance floor.

Dances are a popular high school tradition, but there's an increased concern over the dancing.

"It's probably not quite as much dancing as it is sexual activity with your clothes on," says concerned parent Kent Primrose.

Primrose voiced his worries about the dance floor at a Waukesha School Board meeting after hearing details of his daughter's freshman dance.

"My kids have described to me..the girls bend over and the guys grind against their backside," says Primrose.

It's a problem other districts have dealt with.

Just last month more than 20 students were kicked out of Sheboygan North's homecoming dance for "grinding."

Union Grove and Menomonee Falls both banned the dance style a few years ago.  And Waukesha could be next.  Waukesha School Board member Steve Edlund expects the board will take up the issue soon.

"I'm not speaking for the full board or the school district itself but I'm pretty sure that you know there's going to be some serious discussion about what's appropriate and what isn't," says Edlund.

"Behavior like that on a dance floor I think anyone would agree is really not socially acceptable behavior and it's a sensitive time in a kid's life and we want to be there to help them have positive experiences that help them develop," argues Primrose.

Both Edlund and Primrose say having parents as dance chaperones could be a good solution.

Other schools have had students sign off on dance rules before purchasing tickets.