Sheriff Clarke, victim's family want answers after death in mental health complex

CREATED Oct 11, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 11, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- A man dies inside the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex, and now his family and the sheriff want answers.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wants to know how Brandon Johnson could be taken into custody, sent to the Mental Health Complex, and end up dead.

Johnson's family is reeling, and desperate for a reason why.

Kamesha Johnson-Taylor is remembering her nephew, Brandon Johnson.

"He was just so bright and so honest and just pure."

On Thursday, family and friends gathered to honor the 25-year-old who died at the complex over the weekend.

"We just want to know what happened to him," asks Johnson-Taylor.

Sheriff Clarke has launched an investigation into Johnson's death.  Last Wednesday, officers arrested Johnson at a home after reports he was acting strangely.  Paramedics checked him out before he was taken by police in cuffs and leg shackles to the health complex.  On Saturday, Johnson was dead.  An autopsy later determined he had a broken neck that caused a blood clot, and the embolism that killed him.

"I'm not suggesting that there's any foul play at this point, but I have duty and obligation to the deceased and to the facility as well to conduct a thorough investigation, to ask tough questions," says Clarke.

The investigation will look into everything from the police officers, to the paramedics, to the health complex personnel involved.

As the family grieves, there is hope that in the end, they might get some answers.

"I just don't think it was the end of his race, but again God is in control. We can't question him," says Johnson-Taylor.

The health complex said for patient privacy reasons, they couldn't comment specifically about this case.  But they released a statement saying they take patient safety seriously and are working with the proper authorities.