Farming community helps Burlington family heal after deadly accident

CREATED Oct 11, 2012

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BURLINGTON - Farmers are helping farmers in the effort to heal a community in Burlington following a tragic accident.

Clayton Weis died, and his brother was injured two weeks ago.

The brothers owned and operated Weis Farms for decades.

The injured brother, Russell Weis, has recently left the hospital.

The family left a tribute to Clayton.  They are receiving lots of support to help them heal.

About 50 friends and volunteers with farm equipment and time was harvesting their cornfields.

"I don't know if it's really hit me yet in terms of getting up in the morning and going to work, and not having somebody right there."

Russell's younger brother Clayton died in a farming accident, killed by a combine nearly two weeks ago.

Russell was injured.  He just got out of the hospital on Wednesday.

"We're dealing with a lot of anxiety, meds and the issues that come with it," explained Russell.

The farm has been in the family for four generations.

The brothers always worked together.

"Like any other brothers, you naturally have arguments and good and bad days, but we got a lot of work done in 43 years."

The small community surrounding them is remembering Clayton and helping Russell.

"It's just a great thing for a bad reason.  It won't bring Clayton back," said Ken Uhlenhake, who has known the family for 18 years.

He wanted to start the healing process.

"Everybody wants to feel like they've helped, yet they've all helped just by being here."

"I just want to take the opportunity to thank everybody, all those guys getting the job done," explained Russell.