Former Walker aide expected to take plea deal in Milwaukee court

CREATED Oct 11, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - On Thursday, a former aide to then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker was expected to officially take a plea deal on charges from a John Doe investigation.

Some jail time could be part of the deal agreed to by Kelly Rindfleisch.

Now-Governor Walker was subpoenaed to testify in the case, but since Rindfleisch was to take the plea deal, the Governor will not have to testify.

In September, Rindfleisch and her attorneys were preparing for a trial after being charged in the John Doe investigation into members of Walker's administration as Milwaukee County Executive.

Rindfleisch was accused of campaigning for then-GOP Lt. Governor candidate Brett Davis while at work, on county time.

Walker was subpoenaed.

"Scott Walker is not on trial here, and I'm going to emphasize that to the jury," said the judge on the case at the time.

There will be no jury and no trial, as Rindfleisch is expected to take a plea to admitting to one felony count for a lighter sentence.

She would not have to pay a fine, and there was only the recommendation of jail time.

Rindfleisch is not the only former Walker aide to take a plea deal.

Darlene Wink took a deal after she illegally campaigned while on the clock.

Rindfleisch faced up to 14 years in prison, but with the plea deal, she could get more than three years in prison.