Students wear orange on 'Unity Day' bringing awareness about bullying

CREATED Oct 10, 2012

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WAUKESHA - Wednesday, October 10th has been marked as Unity Day, a day where many people are wearing orange to bring awareness about stopping bullying.

People at lots of schools in Southeastern Wisconsin took part.

Chelsea Budde and her daughter Noelle, a student at Horning Middle School in Waukesha, dressed alike.  They wore orange for Unity Day.

"I'm wearing it because I want people to make sure you don't bully people with disabilities," said Noelle, who has autism.

So does her older brother.

Just like many kids across the nation, they've experienced bullying.

"People with disabilities are four times more likely to be bullied than the general population."

On Wednesday, Noelle was proud to wear orange, and see many of her peers doing the same.

"I've seen more than 100 people just walking down the hall wearing orange t-shirts, and it kind of makes me feel awesome," said Noelle.

But beyond people with disabilities, the goal is to show support for all people who have been bullied.

In September, at Greendale High School, Nicholas Olson was arrested for making a bomb threat.

Investigators say he did it because he was tired of being bullied.