Strip Search Scandal

Chief Flynn's future questioned following recent setbacks by MPD

CREATED Oct 9, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Four Milwaukee police officers charged in an illegal strip search investigation is the latest black eye for the police department.

That has some wondering about the future of Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn.

Flynn is in the first year of his second four-year term but there are growing calls for him to resign or be fired.

"If you gonna be the chief, do your job," says Sonya Moore, the mother of Derek Williams.  Williams died in the back of a Milwaukee police squad car last year.

"He (Flynn) should not have a second chance, a third chance, any of that," says Moore.

The Williams case is one of a series of setbacks for Flynn and his department.

The list includes: an officer caught on tape striking a suspect on the ground, a lack of compassion in the shooting death investigation of 13-year-old Darius Simmons, questionable crimes statistics and marital infidelity.

Flynn says he's not going to resign, but concedes his department is facing a credibility crisis.

"Crime cannot be fought with criminality. Those who enforce the criminal law must obey the criminal law while enforcing it," said Flynn during a news conference Tuesday about the strip search investigation.

Police chiefs in other cities have recently lost their jobs.  Detroit's police chief resigned this week after an affair with an officer.  A police chief from Florida was fired in June for how he handled the Trayvon Martin case.

Mayor Barrett doesn't have the power to fire Flynn, but he appointed commissioners on the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission that could fire Flynn.
"I do not support removing the chief at this time," said Barrett Tuesday.  "I think these investigations need to move forward."  

Mike Tobin, the executive director of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission, issued a statement Tuesday, saying in part, "It's not a proud day for MPD, but we measure this incident in large part by the aggressive response of the MPD."