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Barrett backs Flynn as Milwaukee's police chief

CREATED Oct 9, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- There are new questions about Chief Flynn's future with the Milwaukee Police Department.

There have been calls for Mayor Barrett to fire Chief Flynn but the mayor can't fire the chief even if he wants to.  The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission hires and fires the chief, but the commissioners are appointed by the mayor.

For now Mayor Barrett is backing the chief.

"I do not support removing the chief at this time," said Barrett at a press conference Tuesday.  "I think these investigations need to move forward."

But Barrett concedes the department's credibility is on the line after a series of high-profile problems inside the police department.

Flynn did not respond directly when asked Tuesday if he would resign, but the embattled chief knows his department is facing a credibility crisis right now.

"Crime cannot be fought with criminality," says Flynn.  "Those who enforce the criminal law must obey the criminal law while enforcing it. The legitimacy of our entire system of justice depends upon that fact."

This year Chief Flynn was given a new four-year term in office, he has now been here almost five years.  Flynn was the first Milwaukee police chief in nearly three decades to earn a second term in office.