Strip Search Scandal

'It's not a proud day for MPD', says Milwaukee's Fire and Police Commission

CREATED Oct 9, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee's Fire and Police Commission has issued a statement following four Milwaukee police officers charged with crimes in connection to an illegal strip search investigation.

Michael G. Tobin, the executive director of the commission, released the following statement:

"Four MPD officers have been charged as a result of a John Doe investigation into illegal strip searches. The investigation was initiated by MPD partly as a result of community members' complaints. The MPD requested that the District Attorney, US Attorney, and FBI assist in the investigation in order to cast the widest possible net into potential criminal activity. Rogue officers that are accused of committing crimes in order to obtain evidence don't represent and don't define the entire MPD.  The charges, if proven, are inexcusable and tarnish the badge of every MPD officer. Willful misconduct, and standing by and doing nothing to stop willful misconduct, are behaviors that are contrary to everything represented in the MPD Code of Conduct. The community should be assured that the system is working, allegations of misconduct were taken seriously, and appropriate action is being taken through the John Doe process. The next step is to determine, through a separate internal investigation, whether disciplinary actions should result from the egregious conduct that has been alleged. It's not a proud day for MPD, but we measure this incident in large part by the aggressive response of the MPD in initiating the investigation and requesting State and Federal resources to address these serious allegations."