Push Coalition pushes Barrett about Flynn, Williams case

CREATED Oct 7, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 8, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - There are new calls for Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn to step down.

"We are greatly disturbed by the incidents surrounding the death of Derek Williams," Rainbow Push Coalition Bishop Tavis Grant says.

Community members are now turning to Mayor Tom Barrett, questioning his leadership and asking him to re-evaluate the Milwaukee Police Department. Reverend Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition joins a long list of groups questioning Milwaukee city leaders in the death of Derek Williams.

Sunday, they put the target squarely on Mayor Barrett.

"The reason we are calling on the mayor, because there was a rush to judgment to make it justified and 14 months later it's now ruled a homicide," Grant says.

Community leaders, Williams' family and families of other crime victims are calling for the mayor to investigate the decisions of Chief Flynn.

"Right now, there is someone in Milwaukee who is dodging the heat and that's Mayor Barrett," Michael Bell says.

Bell is leading a billboard campaign about in-custody deaths. Monday, it too will take aim at the Mayor.

Bell's son was shot and killed by Kenosha Police back in 2004.

"Tomorrow's message are going to be on 43 digital billboards throughout the city," Bell says. "[It] is going to be when police kill, where is the mayor?"

Derek Williams' mother, Sonya Moore, hopes the increased pressure helps ensure justice in her son's death.

"What happened wasn't right," Moore says. "We need justice. So, the mayor and everyone under him need to step down if they're not going to do their job."

A special prosecutor has been assigned to lead the investigation into Williams' death.