No more drinking on Pedal Taverns

CREATED Oct 6, 2012

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MILWAUKEE--  The Pedal Tavern, a popular tourist attraction in the city's Third Ward, has had some controversial changes made. The city is enforcing the prohibition of open containers in the street, a law that had been overlooked by the business owners and participants. 

Third Ward businesses are worried that this will impact them negatively. Before the law was enforced, the business owners saw the traveling taverns as an asset. 

"Every business I've talked to says its a great thing. It brings customers in, people have a blast. It's brought us return business," said John McCabe, general manager of the Milwaukee Ale House. 

Owners of the Pedal Tavern disagree with the city on whether the law applies to them, they argue that their ride is a "green powered limousine." 

The bar, O'Lydia's, is the first and last stop for Pedalers, and the owner, Linda Sackett says that it has helped her business tremendously.

 "this is a tourist attraction, these people spend money in our hotels, they spend money going to Summerfest, Irish fest, museums, the Zoo," Sackett said. 

The Pedal Tavern has 300 tours left for the season and they have had about 10 percent cancel already. 

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