Replacement ref in Packers-Seahawks would have called INT, but McCarthy showed class

CREATED Oct 4, 2012

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GREEN BAY - A replacement ref who worked the infamous Packers-Seahawks game admits he probably would have called an interception on the game- deciding final play, but he complimented the Packers' coach for a classy phone call. 

Wayne Elliott was the head referee when the Packers lost in Seattle, 14-12, on the so-called "inaccurate interception."

The final play on Sept. 24th was ruled as a touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to Golden Tate, though video seemed to show that Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings intercepted the pass in the end zone, which would have meant a 12-7 Packers win.

On Showtime, Elliott admitted that he would have called an interception on the play, which would have meant a Packers win. 

But Packers coach Mike McCarthy gave Elliott a phone call, told Elliott he heard about the ref's rough week, and said Elliott handled the whole situation with class.