Credit union president buys Wright home in Racine

CREATED Oct 4, 2012

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RACINE, Wis. (AP) -- A Racine home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright has a new owner.

The president of Educators Credit Union, Gene Szymczak, bought the "Hardy House" last month for $350,000.

Mark Hertzberg is a board member of the nonprofit Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin Heritage Tourism Program. He says it wasn't officially on the market but the owners had been informally looking for someone who would take care of it.

The last owners had it since 1968 and Hertzberg says the owners moved into an apartment with less responsibility.

Hertzberg, who also wrote a book about the house, says the new owner has hired an architect to help restore the house and work has already begun.

Szymczak's the seventh owner of the house, which overlooks Lake Michigan.