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Sensenbrenner criticizes Obama for not outlining plans to fix economy

CREATED Oct 3, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Wisconsin Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is criticizing President Obama's debate performance, saying it lacked specific plans for the future.

"He (President Obama) didn't come up with any proposals specifically to turn around the problems that are hurting Americans economically," says Sensenbrenner, who represents Wisconsin's 5th District.

Sensenbrenner says the president didn't outline any ideas for dealing with economic stress on the country.

"Governor (Mitt) Romney has outlined what he wants to do if he is elected president," said Sensenbrenner.  "The President however, just said continue the course...Nor did he talk about what he would do to help the middle class."

Sensenbrenner says Mitt Romney also laid out plans for tax cuts aimed at helping the middle class.