Racine couple thankful their miracle baby able to come home

CREATED Oct 1, 2012

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RACINE- A huge blessing for a local mom.

Her daughter weighed less than one pound when she was born, but is now doing just fine.

People in Racine are calling little Ayana Kelley a miracle baby.  An infant so small, some thought she would never survive.

Born around 13 ounces she's nearly five times her original weight.

"They told us the outcome may not be good, fifty-fifty chance," says the infant's mother Alecha Redmond.

Redmond received the news after getting an ultrasound.  Her doctor told her because of complications they would have to deliver the baby the next day.

"I didn't know how to panic at that moment, because you don't know the chances of your baby surviving," explained Redmond.

"What makes her situation extraordinary was her birth weight was extremely small," says Dr. Duane Stitch of Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints Hospital.

Dr. Stitch says when Ayana was born, she was so small she wasn't much bigger than a pop can.  Doctors say the infant is the smallest baby to be born at the hospital, and survive long term.

Wires, monitors and tubes meant Redmond and Ayana's father couldn't do the one thing they wanted more than anything.  "She was born June 5 and I actually didn't get to hold her until the fourth of July," says Redmond.

The couple is now thankful for their little miracle who came home a couple of weeks ago.

"She cries and it's exciting to go to her because we didn't know we'd have that opportunity."

Ayana's mom and dad say they plan on letting family members visit with the infant at the end of the month.