Greenfield hosts firefighter training exercise

CREATED Sep 30, 2012

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GREENFIELD - How do you prepare for a disaster?

About two dozen firefighters took part in some special training Sunday, it's the same type of training that helped save the life of one firefigther last summer. That was Lieutenant Mike Lavanture in Oconomowoc in July.

"Every event like that you learn from," Assistant Chief Tony Agnello says. "Those are your best learning tools."

Many of the scenarios during Sunday's training exercise are errily reminiscent of the same conditions during the fire in oconomowoc last July.

"We're trying to get a lot of other firefighters trained on the aspect of safety and survival so that everybody can help rescue themselves and be able to help provide a rescue or the start of a rescue prior to that teams arrival," Agnello says.

Those firefighters fought smoke, heat and flames after Laventure collapsed. The woman living in that apartment also died in the fire.

"In Lieutenant Laventure's case, it was bringing him out a second story window, transitioning to the ladder, bringing him down," Waukesha Battalion Chief Joseph Hoffman says. "The same skills we teach out people here."

Firefigthers taking part in Sunday's training will now return to their own departments and share these life saving techniques.

Fire officials say they still do not have an exact cause of the fire in Oconomowoc.

The blaze remains under investigation.