Milwaukee aldermen, community leaders protest outside MPD District 3 building

CREATED Sep 28, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee alderman, community leaders and friends and family of Derek Williams protested outside Milwaukee Police Department's District 3 building near 49th and Lisbon Friday afternoon.

The group is upset with how the Derek Williams case played out, and some are calling for Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn to step down.

Derek Williams died in Milwaukee police custody last year after gasping for air, and pleading with officers for help.  Video of the arrest was released recently, and played again at a community forum Thursday night.

Keith Bailey with Milwaukee Matters co-sponsored the town forum.  Bailey says two key points came out of the meeting.

"There's some changes that has to take place," argued Bailey.  "The overwhelming request is to get the federal government here in Milwaukee to investigate the Williams murder."

Milwaukee city and county leaders met with the Milwaukee County medical examiner on Friday for more clarity in this case.

Milwaukee aldermen left an hour long meeting with the medical examiner wondering why the chief medical examiner never saw the police video and police report originally.

"Despite the meetings we are still disgusted, we are still angered, we are still troubled by what we saw," said Common Council President Willie Hines.

Speaking for the third time this week about the case, some members of the Milwaukee Common Council are demanding changes, this time from the medical examiner.

"We found things to be unsatisfactory as far as process and procedures go," said Alderman Willie Wade.

Now they want the medical examiner to fill out forms to guarantee transparency and to eliminate errors --such as Williams' death from natural causes to homicide. 

"There has to be a greater record kept by medical examiner's office," said Alderwoman Milele Coggs.