Walworth County man denies claims that his pit bulls attacked 2 sheriff's deputies

CREATED Sep 26, 2012

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TOWN OF SUGAR CREEK- Two Walworth County sheriff's deputies say they were bitten by a suspect's pit bulls last Saturday.

That suspect says he didn't want those deputies on his property.

"No government agent can come on my property, period, without a warrant," says Daniel White.

Those deputies tried talking to White after a neighbor called authorities, saying White threatened her.  When deputies arrived at White's home, they claim they didn't see any trespassing signs.

"I'm holding the fence like this (laughing) I'm like 'you guys are crazy.  What you doing.  Do you see the sign here?'" explained White.

The two deputies say they were attacked by pit bulls, with one of the deputies claiming that White threw a punch.

"I did not punch nobody," claims White.  "The dogs did not bite nobody."  White says he got hurt when deputies forced him to the ground.

Not true says Walworth County Sheriff David Graves.  "I think Mr. White even got bit by one of his own dogs."  The sheriff says White did not control his dogs, or his temper.

"As the fence came open, the dogs came out.  Mr. White came out and blind-sided one of my deputies with a punch in the face," says Graves.

The suspect, Daniel White is due back in court in October.

Formal charges against White are still in the works.  The sheriff says White could face a handful of charges, including battery to an officer.