Murder victim's memorial pits neighbor against neighbor

CREATED Sep 26, 2012

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RACINE - A murder victim's memorial garden has pited neighbor against neighbor in Racine County.

John McNulty filed complaint with the Village of Wind Point, calling the garden a "public nuisance."

Jonathan Kwiatkowski was a UW-Parkside student stabbed to death last year by a neighbor over an argument.

His siblings built a garden in their parents' front yard on Valley Trail.  It's been there for 16 months, but two weeks ago McNulty, who lives across the street, filed a complaint asking that it be removed, calling it a right of way issue.

"No person shall place any sign, signal, marker, mark or monument unless proper permission is first obtained," McNulty said in his complaint, adding that the memorial "has a decidedly christian view in the shrine."

One neighbor who didn't want to speak on the record said the situation has been hard on the entire neighborhood being that the man convicted of  murdering Jon and his family live just a few doors down.

McNulty has since withdrawn his request for removal "based on the thoughtful re-arrangement of the memoriam" by the Kwiatkowskis.

The withdrawal says that if the village wishes to pursue the right of way issue it will now have be up to the board.