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'Latest and greatest' brings people out overnight for iPhone 5

CREATED Sep 21, 2012

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GLENDALE - People in Glendale waited long lines early Friday morning, enduring the morning chill to be among the first to get the new iPhone 5.

Many camped out in sleeping bags, wearing winter coats and hats as they waited overnight.

There probably aren't many things that would make Issac Campos stay up overnight...but for him, the new iPhone 5 is one of them. 

He joined dozens outside Bayshore Mall's Apple Store this morning.

"Regular people won't understand, but most people in line, they want the latest and greatest.  That's what it's about."

He's even upgrading from a phone he got just a short time ago.

"It trumps my old phone, which is just four months old."

How does it trump old phones?

"The bigger screen, it's supposed to ne 200 new features, turn-by-turn navigation on maps," explained Phillips Salvucci, who also spent time in line.

People holding out on the iPhone 5, there is an updated for the old iPhone.  They can head to iTunes for the update.

Some shipping waits for the new iPhone 5 could be as long as several weeks.