Burlington students learn lessons of texting while driving

CREATED Sep 19, 2012

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BURLINGTON - Days after a texting-while-driving crash led to a woman having her foot severed in Kenosha, high school students in Burlington learned the dangers of that behind-the-wheel behavior.

Sophomores at Burlington High learned on Wednesday that texting can wait.

Serina Dallia, 21, survived a horrific crash along Highway K, despite texting while driving, according to Sheriff's investigators.

On Wednesday, Bailey Fitzpatrick was first to learn the effect of texting while behind the wheel on the simulator at the school.

She has her learner's permit, and says she doesn't text while she drives.

"I started going off the road, and not noticing what was around me, what I was really doing," said Fitzpatrick.

She and her classmates saw a video message about texting and driving, and how through tragedy, it has changed lives.

The school asked students to make an online pledge to never text and drive.

"If it makes one kid or two kids think about it, the next time their friends are doing it or most likely maybe even their parents are doing it, we've done our job," said Eric Burling, Burlington's principal.