Milwaukee teachers elated about Act 10 ruling

CREATED Sep 14, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep 14, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Today's ruling came down as some teachers were at the Capitol, preparing to support teachers in Chicago, who were on strike.

Wisconsin teachers praised the judge's decision to strike down parts of Act 10.

"There's certainly a lot more smiles on people's faces," said Bob Peterson, president of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association.

"It was a little bit of momentum that we needed, feeling like we've been under attack for a very long time now," said Nikki Rajchel, an MPS teacher.

Milwaukee teachers say they have been waiting and fighting for this good news since the cold days back in February of 2011. 

"This may be a first step in the restoration of those rights," believes Peterson.

While they have turned a sign-making party into a celebration, they concede it is cautious optimism.

"We know that ultimately justice will prevail whether it's through the courts, the legislature, or some other means," said Peterson.

Peterson knows the ruling will be challenged, but he argues the teachers will use this win to continue fighting.

"It's not over yet.  We'll be out in the streets when necessary and rally like we did in the past."

"We're not going to give up the fight.  We're going to continue fighting for what we believe," said Rajchel.